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Iconic Visionary Solutions

Iconic Visionary Solutions have been in operations since 2022. Founded by experts with over a decade of implementation, Upgrade and production support experience on enterprise applications like Oracle EBS/Fusion/ Net Suite and we also enable enterprises to transform their business using the power of cloud, AI, Data analytics/BI,Oracle Integration(OIC),VBCS, PBCS and APEX digital transformation, Iconic Visionary Solutions also provides the Corporate trainings to tackle technical and business problems at many levels to arrive at a solution. .

2+ years of experience helping people to find the best solutions.
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Delivering the digital transformation solutions and aiding organizations to achieve their goals.

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What we do?

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate.

Managed Services
Application Enhancement Services. Oracle Cloud Applications. On-Premise Applications. Third-Party Cloud Infrastructure Integrations
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Analytics Artificial Intelligence/Chatbot/IoT/Blockchain. Security, Identity, and Compliance. Application Development

Oracle ERP

Oracle BI REPORTS: This is a web based reporting solution which helps to build, manage and share reports and documents little easier. This can take the data
from multiple data sources and other web services and combine them into a single data model which can be delivered anywhere. The data remains accurate and secure
as it is shared across secure delivery channels. We can generate more reports is shorter tenure without effecting the efficiency of the business

OTBI Reports: OTBI Stands for (Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence) which is a self service based reporting tool in oracle fusion. We can create
Graphical reports, Dashboards and Business MIS reports without writing any codes, it is simply a drag and drop functionality.Oracle fusion has already
given you pre-build subject areas/View to fetch the data from different -different modules in Oracle Fusion. You just to design the layout and do some
final calculation for its final output.

Oracle fusion applications

Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) are a group of applications built on Oracle Cloud that include cloud-based applications for
enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), supply chain management and manufacturing (SCM), human capital management (HCM)
This Cloud application group had rapidly gained momentum and there was new functionality being added regularly – with major releases up to three times per year.

Oracle Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management directs the flow of goods from procurement of materials to product delivery to final
destination.This is a cloud based application developed by oracle. it merges all the time business process considering the changing supply chain needs of the modern enterprises.
This cloud allows to utilize the functionality with minimal risk, Higher productivity and maximum flexibility, Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management consists of the following modules:
Procurement, Order management cloud, Logistics,Service Logistics,Supply chain Execution and planning cloud and product management cloud.

Sql Cloud

SQL is a structured query language which is used to store and manipulate the data in the database. We can execute the queries and retrieve the
data from the is used to perform operation on the records which are stored in the makes easy to work with data and make more informed
strategy, operations, and business decisions, it is used for building and maintaining relational databases.

Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials consist of set of tool used to deliver high productivity at lower cost,it focuses on main
resources to handle the business operations effectively. Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud offers a encompassing modules and wide variety of tools that covers a significant range of
activites including Accounts Payable, Accounts receivables, General Ledger, Cash Management, Expense Management, Revenue Management, Risk Management,
Financial Reporting and analytics.

Dell Boomi

This is a unified cloud platform which connects the data, applications between different systems. This is based on IPaas Platform. Dell
boomi is used to create, modify and deploy the integrations between various systems. it provides wide variety of integration accomplishments like application
integration, data integration and API Management which is flexible to integrate the cloud based applications.

Oracle Fusion HCM

oracle fusion HCM is a complete cloud solution which involves the process of hiring the right people, managing workforces effectively and optimizing productivity.
it is also used to optimize the HR systems and increase the workforce potential. Human Capital management is made up of a set of strategic applications
which include: Recruitment, onboarding, payroll,Time and attendance, Benefits, Talent management,Training, Report and analytics and Compliance. Using
HCM we can be able to eliminate costly over abundancies and contemporize data into a trusted source of decision-making.

Oracle Pl/Sql

Pl/SQL stands for “Procedural Language extension of SQL” This is a programming language which is used to develop modular and procedural
programs in oracle database. This is integrated with oracle database and also SQL Language. This uses PL/SQL engine to process the PL/SQL Statements
This also includes includes procedural language elements like conditions and loops. It allows declaration of constants and variables, procedures and functions.

Oracle ERP Fusion Cloud Technical

Oracle cloud Enterprise resource planning is a cloud based application which is an end-to-end SAAS(Software as a Service) collection
This can be accesible through both public and private implementation. Oracle Cloud ERP presides over a group of enterprise functions consisting of
accounting, financial management, project management, and procurement. This was based on oracle Fusion Applications. Organizations that implement
ERP Experience better increased management of business growth, improved customer satisfaction and a reduction of business costs.

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Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate.

We have 2+ years of experience. We offer Consulting and Services.
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What Could be better than a training that delivers what it promises? IVS Training did exactly that! The Trainers Executed brilliantly, the sessions were aptly designed, and the course was well conceptualized. it’s worth it’s value, Go for it!

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IVS has provided a excellent and skillful resources which helped us to implement a wide range of Oracle Cloud Solutions.

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